Black Belt Discipleship: Imparting the Nature of a Disciple-Maker


Jesus was undeniably clear when He commissioned His followers to go make – not talk about, not philosophize about – but to actually make not only disciples, but also disciple-makers!

Have you ever wondered how you can live out that commission? What does it look like?

As you engage Jesus’ model of discipleship laid out in this book, you will discover the depth and impact of discipleship Jesus modeled for every believer. It may have been a struggle to this point, but Black Belt Discipleship is about making the Great Commission second nature. Why struggle any longer to fulfill your greatest calling?



“Black Belt Discipleship is not just a discipleship manual for those who seek to become committed disciples of Jesus Christ, but is a manual to make “disciple-makers” who will in-turn, do the same…”

– Lakita Wright, Urban Outreach Foundation

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